Record and send videos, from within Slack.

Slack first

The entire experience starts and ends in Slack. No need to learn or integrate with a new platform.

Meet without meetings

Asynchronously communiciate with screen-share and webcam recordings. Don't wait to find a mutually available time to meet with teammates, just Slack them a VidRec!

Built with security in mind

We don't store or access your video, because it's none of our business. Your videos are encrypted via the TLS protocol, and we safely upload them to Slack.

Personalize your interactions

Help your distributed team asynchronously communicate as people, not just text on a screen.

It's easy to share

No need to use third-party apps. Make it easier for everyone to record and share their screens, from collaborating on early designs to showing off demos.


Get VidRec Beta Access

VidRec is currently in beta. We value both your feedback and your patience. Please email your comments to vidrechelp@gmail.com .

Installation Instructions

  1. Select this button 👉Add to Slack
  2. Choose the Slack workspace you'd like to install VidRec to. Grant us permission to upload files (your video recordings) on your behalf.
  3. Choose a channel in your Slack workspace and type "/vidrec" to setup a VidRec subscription.
  4. Choose to pay with Stripe ($30/month beta rate), or email us to see if you can be a feedback-providing discounted user.
  5. Once you have a VidRec subscription, type "/vidrec" to record and upload videos!

Beta Limitations

  • VidRec only works with Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • The larger your video, the longer it will take us to upload your video. (We are working on this!)

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